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Mat Piche delivers what so many new investors are looking for these days – an honest, no-nonsense “how to” manual that takes the mystery out of buying and profiting from investment real estate. Written with easy readability, and backed by Mat’s solid track record of creating wealth and helping others to do the same, Single Family Investing Made Simple is the go-to guide for anyone looking to enhance their incomes – and their lives – with money making real estate.
Ben Sanderson - Professional Investor and President of Dream Home Today

Mat Piche – Single Family Investment Specialist/Realtor/Carpenter/Investor

Mat 2I don’t know about you, but when I started investing in real estate I had no idea what I was doing or where I was headed. While I knew real estate was a great financial vehicle, I lacked a solid strategy. In turn, I wasted a lot of time researching different investing avenues all to find out that they really didn’t fit with my desired lifestyle OR my current lifestyle! See, I wanted a business that I could put on auto-pilot. One where tenants wouldn’t bother me with constant phone calls and one where they would rent from me longer. I hated dealing with tenant turnovers! Most of all, I wanted to attract QUALITY tenants. You know, one’s that would pay rent on time and take care of my property!! Simple right? It really is! My book is a complete guide from start to finish on building a great single family investment portfolio. I’ll give you proven tips and strategies that have not only helped my business, but those of my clients every single day. I know this book will blow you away!

This Book Will Show You How To:3D Book Cover

  • Form your investment team
  • Become a geographic specialist
  • Budget like a sophisticated investor
  • Get your offers noticed and accepted
  • How to attract quality tenants
  • How to keep your tenants renting longer
  • Execute your plan!

“Mat helped me with the whole process from start to finish. He helped me understand that I needed great tenants and cash flow, both of which I was able to obtain. He was excellent through the whole process and I’m certainly going to be using him from now on. I strongly recommend his book to anyone who’s looking to invest in single-family real estate!
Derrick Lindsay - First Time Investor

Mat nails it in this comprehensive, well written guide for  investing in single family properties! This is an awesome, must read before going any further with your real estate investing ventures! I highly recommend it!
Brad Callander - Blue Roof Investments